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How cruise ships operate Empty How cruise ships operate

Post by achird on Tue Mar 10, 2015 2:01 pm

Hello to everybody

I will try with few posts to give you some clarification on how Cruise ships operate. You will see that it is very excited and interesting process. Have in mind that some ships have more than 1000 crew members serving 4000 passengers! Practically every minute something is happening and somebody have to deal with it, imagine how all the processes are coordinated.
First let's start with the term Cruise ship. This is a floating hotel designated to carry passengers from initial destination A to final destination B. In some of the next topics I will share with the process of itineraries planning, for today let's concentrate on internal organization onboard. So as I said - 'floating hotel' or 'ship - hotel', this is a unique structure which have to be vessel and hotel in a same time and this two processes should run smoothly.
On top of the command of any cruise ship is the Captain, he has ultimate legal and any possible power onboard, he can marry you and he can kick you out at any time, he can enter the port or deviate the ship from the port. Under his command is all the crew and nobody from the shore can run over his orders. If I have to compare him with a job ashore he is a combination of a Major, Sheriff and Priest.
There are three major departments. Deck, Engine and Hotel. There is no such think like "who is first" or "which department is more important" - remember on a Cruise ship every single crew member is very important! The three major department has their heads of departments. For Deck department this is the Staff Captain (or Chief officer in some companies), for Engine Department this is Chief Engineer, for Hotel department this is Hotel General Manager (or Hotel director in some companies). Now let's go in details on each major department.
Deck department. This are guys who 'drive' the ship. Some of them are keeping watch 24/7 on the Bridge. Some of them are doing maintenance on the open deck's and ship's hull. Under Deck department is usually and Security department.
Engine department. They are keeping the ship running by maintaining ship's engines, generators and all the machinery. Also they are in charge of the Air condition and all the maintenance. Under engine department is Electro-technical department - they are maintaining Electrical plant and electrical distribution as well as all the TV's and electronics onboard.
Hotel department is the largest department onboard. It consist of four sub departments:
1. Housekeeping department - this are the guys and girls who are taking care of cleaning and sanitizing all the cabins, corridors, public and crew areas. When you embark the ship your cabin is clean and ready because of them.
2. Food and Beverage department - this department can be divided on Galley department, Restaurant department, Bar department and Provision department. Each sub department has own manager. Food and Beverage department is taking care of all the processes related with passenger's eating and drinking.
3. Customer's services department - this department can be divided into many small department but generally this are all the customer's relation services like Front desk, Concierge services and also all the revenue areas like boutiques, SPA, Shore excursions and others
4. Entertainment department - this are all the guys who are dancing and entertaining you all day long, their boss is Cruise director.
Under Hotel department is also medical department.

Every cruise like has own structure but generally the idea of chain of command is same, names of the positions of managers and number of staff is different off-cource.
I can tell you much more details for every sub department if you are interested.
Remember onboard everybody is important, every body has qualification and experience and everybody is well trained.
Every Cruise line should have established and certified management system where all the above mentioned structure is stated. The main goal of this management system is Safety so the system is called Safety management system or SMS.

Let me know if you like this post and if you want more information.

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How cruise ships operate Empty Re: How cruise ships operate

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 10, 2015 2:35 pm


Please keep on.....

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